"If you are a contractor or a DIY'er building green prefab homes just got easier!"

The link below takes you to the manufactures page. Which has a wealth of different designs of green homes and other uses for earth integrated structures.


It has never been easier to select the green home of your dreams.

With infinite earth sheltered home designs our green prefab homes are constructed
with 54 uniquely engineered components.

Once the concrete pad is ready the vaulted structure can be erected without
heavy equipment or highly skilled craftsmen. 

Modules are designed, water tight when bolted and glued together.
Ribs engineered into the modules add strength and allow routing of electrical and other utilities.   

Note how the 10.5 foot high vaulted ceiling adds an elegance and openness to the feel of the structure.


Arched entrances and passage doors are in vogue with today's classic designs.

A crew of three or four can install the super structure for these earth sheltered home designs within six to ten days, depending on the size of the home.

The smooth interior can be left as is or painted the color of your choice. Additional walls can be added to divide space as needed. Connection are made by simply gluing a starter board on the wall where needed.

These earth sheltered homes design are highly engineered for ease of installation. Their infinite number of module combinations make building green homes fun and exciting.

If you have a floor plan in mind send us your requirements. If not we will provide suggestions and assistance.

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