Building a Green Home

Great news! Your dreams of a truly unique green home just got closer. A new company called BIOTEKT.LLC will soon be manufacturing in the USA. Rest assured your search for the green home of your dreams will be sweet with BIOTEK.LLC.

Building a green home is an earth friendly thing. Energy savings and a smaller carbon footprint are just two reasons to build an earth sheltered home.

Almost everyone I speak with loves the concept of the high tech modular green home design. They appreciate the value of earth contact and the resulting low maintenance and energy savings that make this a great off the grid design.

The other thing people are equally excited about is the opportunity to see and feel an actual finished green home.

We are providing the opportunity to follow us as we build our first display green home in the USA.

From the initial computer-aided design (CAD) drawing pictured below;

Looking west onto the building site.

Looking southwest onto the building site.

This is the view from the south facing window wall doors.

To the site and its preparation;

The manufacture, shipment, delivery and construction.

You are welcome to follow us by tweets, blogs, photos and videos as we move forward into the future of living on earth, more green, with nature.

Twenty-first century technology is enabling the majority of Americans the opportunity to live in the type of homes we could only once dream about.