Being Prepared is not an option for surviving, in the event of a major civil disruption or in the aftermath of violent weather.

Preparedness can range from making ready for minor disruptions which may last a few hours to major events which could last for years. 

To avoid daily trips to the market. A wise homemaker prepares meals from food stock in the pantry that may get replenished weekly of bi-weekly. A farmstead manager may plan on longer periods of time between restocking. Choosing to preserve fruits and vegetables from one season to another. Everyone is a prepper in one sense or another if they are just making sure there is fuel in their tank to make it to the drive-thru the next time they feel hunger.

The level of readiness is personal and varies between individuals. It depends on their level of trust in the government, power companies, networks of water and food distribution. The level of trust is reflected in the quantities of life sustaining materials that will be made ready for the survival of themselves, family and friends in the case of an event. Therefore, some people will go to great effort and expense to make ready for nearly any scenario while others will choose to not prepare and decide to perish if surviving becomes a challenge.     

You are here because a comfortable, safe, self-sufficient, energy independent, and sustainable home is important for you and yours. We are here to share our experience and effort in putting together a vast collection of the necessary items to address the concerns that are important to you.

Enjoy browsing our collection of offerings and add them to your survival kit as you see appropriate.